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Helpdesk – The Modern Communication Channel for all Matters Relating to your Business

As systems and different parties become more interconnected, the number of queries, ambiguities and difficulties or problems that arise also increases. Communication channels are often spread across phone calls, emails and various chat programmes – after all, every company has its own preferences in this regard – and that’s a good thing. The introduction of a helpdesk solution is a good way to establish a basic organisation that allows project content or parts of project content to be clearly separated in communication and to ensure that queries are directed to the right contact. It is crucial that a categorisation can be made when writing the request, which allows the ticket engine to distribute the tickets on the platform to the appropriate channels.

We Support you with the Introduction and Administration

With our favoured helpdesk solution, we are able to design a helpdesk according to your ideas and requirements. From a personalised appearance (company colours, logo, domain, etc.) to your own ticket categories, text templates and e-mail notifications for ticket participants – we tailor everything to you and support you from project planning to productive operation.